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Ortsteingang Burkhardtsdorf, schattiert

Burkhardtsdorf is a community in the northern part of the Ore Mountain Region. It is situated 12 km south of Chemnitz, 12 km east of the city Stollberg and on the northern edge of the Ore Mountains in the Zwönitz Valley.

The community of Burkhardtsdorf is made up of four districts which are based on the Municipal Territory Reform of 1999, and include:

- Burkhardtsdorf
- Eibenberg
- Kemtau
- Meinersdorf

Each incorporated village has preserved its own charm and character. So the community of burkhardtsdorf is not only rich in scenic beauty, but also exhibits its own interesting historical and geographical properties.

Well marked hiking paths make it possible for active hikers to experience an enjoyable hike. There are various leisure time activities available, whether in organized clubs, associations or groups, to challenge the interest of everyone. Cultural high points are yearly festivals and theatrical performances, such as the May Pole Festival and the Christmas Market.

© Gemeinde Burkhardtsdorf
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