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on the municipality website Burkhardtsdorf.

I invite you today to take a virtual visit to learn interesting facts about our community with its villages.

Our site provides you with the most important information, tips and events at a glance.
You will receive an overview of the cultural and leisure activities, political events and any news of interest to the community and to the citizens, citizens and our guests respond, but also all former Burkhardt villages who always enjoy a glimpse of their homeland "throw".

They are at one of your next visit to find our pages that expanded our presentation and we strive to offer you the best service to.
E-mail you constantly have the "hot line" to the town hall and to the administrative staff.

I cordially invite you to contact us take, for it is only through your comments, suggestions, requests and new ideas to improve our civil service.

Are you curious? Then you just keep scrolling or just decided to visit our beautiful village of Burkhardt - the "Gateway to the Ore Mountains."
You are always welcome!

Jörg Spiller

© Gemeinde Burkhardtsdorf
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